Dispute Resolution

We have established procedures to address any concerns you may have if you believe our privacy policy has not been adhered to in any way.

In-House Resolution: All privacy-related disputes are handled internally by our Customer Service team. Please get in touch with Customer Service via the email address info@evenarc.com if you have any concerns.

Additional Information

This policy becomes effective from the moment it is accessed by a client, starting from day one.

Data Collection

What Kinds of Information Do We Gather?

We collect information from you when you register on our website or subscribe to our newsletter. When you place an order or register on our website, you may be requested to provide your name, email address, mailing address, or phone number.

How We Use Your Information

Any information we collect from you may be utilized for specific purposes. We want to assure you that your information, whether it is public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or shared with any other company without your explicit consent, except for the express purpose of delivering the product or service you’ve requested.

Site Usage Information

We maintain access logs for our website, which includes information about the computer system you are using to access our network. This information, such as IP numbers, domain names, browser types, and operating systems, is used for maintenance purposes. Cookies are employed for managing states, for example, keeping you logged in. We collect the following information: Navigation and click-stream data, Computer information, State management mechanisms. This data serves several purposes, including completing and supporting ongoing activities, website and system administration, and research and development.

Cookie Usage

Cookies are employed to track visitors sent by our network affiliates to network merchants. This ensures that affiliates receive proper credit for the business they generate for our merchants. We collect the following information: HTTP cookies. This data is used for various purposes, including ensuring proper crediting of affiliates for business generated for merchants.

Contact Information

We gather contact information to facilitate communication with the publishers and affiliates within our network. This includes physical and online contact details. Publishers and affiliates have the option to modify their contact information once they have logged into our network. This information is collected to maintain communication with the merchants and affiliates within our network. Evenarc affiliates are required to agree to receive periodic communications from Evenarc, which may be in the form of emails, instant messages, postal mail, telephone calls, or faxes.

Financial Information

Details of all network transactions are stored and made accessible to network publishers and affiliates involved in these transactions. This encompasses data related to clicks generated, leads produced, and account transactions. Summarized information is also available in the form of reports. We collect the following information: Financial data, Transaction history. This data is used for historical preservation and other purposes, ensuring transparency in network transactions and providing useful summarized reports.

Should you have any inquiries about our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.